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Welcome to My Home Jobs Direct
With the current economy crisis millions of people worldwide are turning to the
internet and online businesses to find work and earn a few extra dollars per week.

With all the scams out there it is a tedious task to find the right home based job for

Most online companies will charge you a "signup fee" to work for them.

If you want to change companies from time to time this could add up to big $$!

At My Home Jobs Direct you will be provided with a database of over 10,000 online
companies that are currently hiring home based workers.

Best of all it will not cost you 1 cent to start working with any of these companies.

As an added bonus you do not even need to apply for these jobs!

How Does it Work!

Getting started is very easy!
Once you register with Myhomejobsdirect you will get access to your online
members area. In your members area you will set up your Job Account then all you
need to do is select which companies you wish to work for and start work.

You can add, remove or change companies as often as you like!
Work for as many companies as you like!
The choice is yours!

We provide you with tutorials, instructions and resources which help you to work
with each and every company listed in the database.

Fantastic Income Potential!

Because you can work for as many companies as you like and you can work full
time or part time, you have the opportunity to earn an unlimited income each and
every week.

Payments are sent by check or directly to your bank account every Wednesday.

Copies of our Members Earnings
Start Earning Great Incomes Like This In Just A Few Minutes
While there are no fees required to work for any of the companies we list we do ask
for  a 1 time non refundable payment of $47.99. This payment gives
you access to over 10,000 companies, tutorials,instructions and
resources to work at home successfully with these
companies. To register select your  paymentmethod below.
You will receive your login within 24 hours
If paying by credit card or Liberty Reserve please email your receipt to

We also accept payment via Money Gram and Check
Please send to Sonia Niedrist
1101 S Ellsworth RD Unit 270 Mesa Arizona 85208 USA
then email money gram details to admin@myhomejobsdirect.com
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Paid Directly to Any Account
No Waiting For Payday
Paid Per Order processed
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